TGJ 3M – Period 4

May 26, 2016 – End Task

TGJ 3M – End Task options

  1. Create a portfolio of your 9 best photos from the semester. Photos are printed on 11×17 inch paper, and arranged in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. 3 photos must have annotations describing the technical and artistic aspects of each photo.  These projects will be displayed in the hallways of DHS as they get completed.
  2. Create a new display of 4-6 photos. Photos should try to follow a central theme for example – panning photos, landscape scenery photos, light painting photos, slow shutter speed photos, edited photos, astrophotography photos, sports photos, fishing photos, child photos.  These photos must be taken between Thursday, May 26 and Monday, June 13.   Photos are to be printed off on 11×17 inch paper and compiled in an aesthetically pleasing manner, ready to hang on the hallways of DHS.
  3. Create a well edited video describing a topic you have learned in another class this year. For example – The Mol concept, The Basics of Evolution, Lord of the Flies, Macbeth.
  4. Find/ Research 10 historic photos that you feel should be digitized. Photos should be at least 10 years old.  Photos will be scanned at high resolution.  All 10 photos are to be compiled in an album on flickr, and 5 of the best photos are to be printed out and displayed in an aesthetically pleasing manner.  Each photo should have at least a 1 sentence caption.
  5. Create a lip dub video with as many/ few people as possible.
  6. Open to other ideas – I don’t want you leaving this class saying “I really wish I could have….”


Major Video project.

Today, you will start on your major video project for the year.  This project should incorportate the technical skills you have acquired using the different cameras in the room, editing skills you have acquired, as well as your creativity and eye for design.

The parameters for this project are :

  • 2-10 minutes in length.
  • Must have introductory text and conclusion text
  • Must be polished, all footage included should “fit”

Potential ideas for this include :

A video that contains every (student or teacher or custodian or EA) in the school.

A video of a student performance (poetry reading, guitar playing, singing, dramatic presentation, athletic performance, skateboarding, trick shots basketball)

An instructional video (how to train off season, how to be a good babysitter, how to be a cool teen in 2016)

An educational video (Any subject K-12, or something you have learned outside of formal schooling)

A lip dub video

A “visit Dryden” tourism video

A series of vlogs

An interview or series of interviews

Videos of pets or animals, given human qualities or telling a story

A video of an infant, narrated as to what he is thinking

A product review, real or embellished

Other video ideas can be brought forward.

Today, you should start by forming your group, and discussing the ideas that have been presented.  Your first step will be completing a story board or a shot list.

Story board examples  – Here

Student Website project TGJ 3M – Due Friday, April 8.

  1. Choose one of the four website platforms you have familiarized yourself with over the last week – Google sites, Wix, WordPress or Blogger.
  2. You may either create a new website or continue with one you have already started. When naming the website, as well as picking the URL for the site, keep in mind that a good website name should be easy to remember, and easy to identify.
  3. The front page of your website should be welcoming, and make sense to the viewer as they see it. By the end of the week, the front page should have at least 3 posts on it.  The first post you will write today, and it will cover the following :
  • Explain why you chose the name for the website you did,
  • Explain why you chose the platform that you did,
  • explain what you plan to put on the website.
  1. You are to create at least 6 distinct pages within your website – 6 pages that are navigated to beyond the front page.
  2. 1 page should be your about page – you may keep this brief.
  3. 1 of these pages must feature your own content (photos with captions or writing),
  4. 1 page must contain text and images that you have scanned from another document and converted to text, to be used on the website.  Instructions – here
  5. 1 page must be a promotion of something you like about Dryden – for example your favourite restaurant, the skate park, the gym, Wabigoon lake, the Dryden Ice Dogs Jr. A hockey club, something specific about Dryden.
  6. 1 page where you try something exciting with the website.  For example, set up a web cam or create an elaborate viewer questionairre or create a guest book.
  7. Content from the remaining page will be taken from other sources on the internet (wikipedia, for example.)  When taking content from elsewhere on the internet, you must reference the source.

Overall, the finished product website must look polished.  There should be no place on the site where there is place holder text.

Themes, header images, fonts and colours should be thought out and aesthetically pleasing.  High resolution images should be used,

At the end of this assignment, you will be completing a reflection where you describe the decisions you made, and how you feel about the finished product.

March 9, 2016 – if you have completed your multiplicity assignment, you are to post it to flickr.
If you are happy with your finished product, you are to print it on tabloid sized paper, With the image filling the page to the margins as you have in the past.
Remember : ctrl+d to place an image in indesign, hold down ctrl and shift when resizing.

March 7, 2016 –


Web Link –

Your assignment is to create a multiplicity photo with at least 7 clones in it, and upload this photo to flickr.

February 25, 2016 –

Light Painting assignment

After learning the basics of light painting yesterday, you are now assigned the task of creating the 2 best light painting photos you can create.  You will take these photos using the SLR cameras in the classroom.  Photos will be prepared using photoshop and indesign, and will be printed out on letter sized paper. Each photo will be given a title. From there, the photos will be mounted on a larger piece of paper (we have white paper here in the room), to be displayed in the hallways.

Additionally, students will write a reflection piece of at least 50 words which answers the following : How did this assignment help you understand that the camera is essentially a tool for capturing light?  In your reflection, be sure to describe the following :

How many photos you had to take in total, before selecting your two favourite.

Did you have to change lenses or cameras to create a better photo?

Did you have to change light sources to create a better photo?

Where might you use light painting in the future?  (Camping/ Weddings/ Car race?)


Your finished product should be aesthetically pleasing and will be mounted in the hallway of the school.  We will have 4 full days to work on this from now until end of class on Wednesday, March 2.


February 24, 2016 –

Begin today by exploring the relationship between ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperature using the camera simulator (5 minutes)

February 22, 2016 –

Today you are creating a watermark for your photos.

By the end of today, you should upload 1 photo to your flickr account with your watermark on it.

Tutorial here :

February 19, 2016
Today, your task is to do the following:
1. At this point, you should have at least 2 albums on flickr. Navigate your way through flickr and create a gallery called “my favourite shots.” After you have done this, choose 1 photo from each of your albums that would be suitable for the ‘my favourite shots’ gallery.
2. Customize your flickr account – add a cover image, change your ‘buddy icon’ (profile picture)
3. Make an effort to add as many classmates as possible as contacts on flickr. Review some of your classmates photos and favourite, if appropriate.
4. Review past assignments on the website and complete as necessary. If you are completely finish, you are to search youtube for clever, low budget photogrpahy ideas. Make note of any you would like to try by sending the link to

** student Allyson should be able to log in quicker today.  I am sorry, i do not have allyson’s photos from wednesday on a usb drive for her.  Will deliver monday.

February 12, 2016 – Today we will work with Adobe Indesign for the first time.

The biggest thing you need to remember with Adobe Indesign is that you are working with a canvas, and you may place photos on that canvas. The command for place is ctrl + D.

Using Adobe Indesign, Create a valentine of your choice.  Export this as a .JPG from Indesign and post to your flickr account.

February 10, 2016 –

Today, we are looking at the different social media platforms that are popular currently.  These include :





Google Plus



For each of these platforms, you are to determine the following :

Date created/ Made available publicly

Creators (name, age, education)

1-2 sentance explanation of what it “does”

Number of users in first year

Number of users currently – global

Rank in list of most popular websites

Extreme numbers – Most viewed video, Most friends, Most shares etc.

You are to compile this information as a table, created in Microsoft Word.  Create a table which has the social media platforms on the left hand side, and the criteria across the top.  When complete, save the table as a .jpg and post to your flickr account.  Ensure that the resolution is as high as possible.


February 9, 2016 –
Today, continuing with the theme of ‘The medium is the message,’ you are to do the following 2 tasks :
1. Find a relevant news article that illustrates the point ‘the medium is the message’. Copy the link to the article and write a short reflection of why you feel the article is relevant.
2. Explain, in your own words, what you think ‘the medium is the message’ means. This should be a minimum 3 sentances.
Answer both of these questions and email to

When complete, you are to continue working on unfinished assignments.

February 8, 2016 –

Marshall McLuhan and the medium is the message

After reviewing the information on Marshall McLuhan, reflect upon the following:

  1. Think of 2 situations where the wrong medium was used for a specific message
  2. Try to think of two situations where the acceptability of a medium changed over time for the message being delivered.
  3. As a class, could we devise a system of standard operating procedures for linking messages to mediums?

We will be reviewing this as a class at the end of the period.


February 4, 2016 –

Today you are to apply your knowledge of pixels to create your first photoshop work.  The emphasis on this will be the resolution of the images you are using.

  1. using a google image search or flickr, you are to find 13 photos following a theme that you will be combining into 1 image.
  2. Save all of these images into a folder named “february 4” on your z: drive.
  3. Using photoshop, create a new canvas with the size of 900 px x 900 px with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch.
  4. Open one of your photos and crop it to a size of 300 px x 300 px with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch.
  5. select and drag this image on to your new canvas., repeat for 7 more images.
  6. crop an image to be 300 pixels tall and 60 pixels wide.  Use this image to begin filling in the middle of your image.  repeat with your last 4 images.
  7. flatten this image, save as a .jpg and post to your flickr account.
  8. If you have time, save this image to a usb drive and print on the classroom printer.

The objective of this assignment is to work with and manipulate 13 different images to create a high resolution final image that displays no pixellation on screen or in print (paper).

February 3, 2016 –

Today we will look at pixels and image sizes.  By the end of this lesson, you should be able to describe the following :

What is a pixel?

What is a megapixel?

What is resolution?

What is the standard resolution of an image for print?

What is the standard resolution of an image for web (screen)?

What is the resolution of the camera of an iphone 4?  5s?  6s?

What is meant when we hear 720p or 1080p in terms of video resolution?

We will be taking up this information at the end of the class, and we will create a poster with all of this information on it.

February 2, 2016 –

Today, you are to look at the flickr 20 under 20.  In order to find this, go to your flickr account.  On the top menu bar, you will see the option Explore —> 20 under 20.

Look at the galleries of at least 10 of the photographers.

When you are satisfied with your browsing of the galleries, send me an email with the following points to

  • Who was your favourite photographer?  Why?
  • What differences did you notice between these photographers’ work and your own?
  • What are some features that you like seeing in a photo?
  • Download 1 of your favourite photos and attach it to this email.  Add a brief explanation as to why this was your favourite.
  • Favourite 3 or more of the photos you come accross (hit the “star” icon)

Send all of this as an email to

In addition, you are to complete all of the assigned work from yesterday.

If you have time at the end of class, connect with as many classmates as possible on flickr, by finding them and following them.

February 1, 2016 –

Hello and welcome to your first day of communications technology.

Today, you will have 4 tasks to start with.

First – Create a flickr account.  You can get started at

Second – Find Mr. Darling on flickr and add him as a contact.

Third – Complete your introductory questionairre – Link Here.

Fourth – Send an email to   In this email, you are to add in one link that has a relevant communications technology story.