TGJ 2O0 – Period 2

Monday, May 7, 2018

Today, you will begin looking at the different options for the End Task.  You are to complete 2 of the following 3 for your end task –

1. Photography –

So far this semester, you have been able to explore the use of the digital SLR camera, in addition to your exisiting photography experience.  You may create a photographic masterpiece as part of your end task.  Your photographic masterpiece may be one of the following

  • A highly polished digital portfolio, with your 6 best photos printed and mounted to be shared within the school.
  • A process of choosing 4 photographic techniques which you will attempt to master.  This process will consist of choosing the photographic techniques, creating a plan to learn and master them, and then developing a digital portfolio which includes work you consider to be “attempts” and work you consider “successes.
  • A photographic project which consists of taking at least 1 photo (ideally) every day for the next 4 weeks.  You may choose where to publish these photos, and will prepare a digital and hard copy of your work when complete.
  • Other ideas to be added or approved.


2. Video/ Web Design/ Audio recording – So far this semester, you have created a youtube channel, and created short video projects recorded using various devices.  You may expeceted to create a masterpiece using one of these mediums.  Some ideas you may wish to explore are :

  • Create a series of blogs (at least 4)
  • Create a music video or lip dub
  • Emulate 2 commercials – serious or satirical
  • Create 2 Rick Mercer-style rants
  • Other ideas to be added or approved


3. Other media – In the fast-changing world of communications technology, the number of options for alternative media are many.  Use the following prompts and use a communications technology based approach to describe an aspect of communications technology you are interested in.  A Communications Tech approach may include photography, video, audio, or any other you may wish to explore.

  • Describe industry hazards and methods for preventing accidents
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and apply safe work habits when using equipment
  • Describe health risks associated with the use of photographic, imaging, and computer equipment, and identify ways of avoiding them.
  • Identify career opportunities in photography, digital imaging, animation, 3D modelling, and/or web design, and describe the qualifications and skills need for entry into these occupations
  • Identify programs and groups that are available to support students who are interceded in pursuing non-traditional career choices in communications technology.
  • Identify legal and ethical issues related to communications media production
  • Demonstrate an understanding of social standards and cultural sensitivity, and use appropriate and inclusive content, images and language in communications media productions.
  • Describe effects current photographic, digital imaging, animation, 3D modelling and web design technologies have on the environment.
  • Describe ways in which environmental problems are being or can be addressed by communications technologies.
  • Identify recent innovations in photography, digital imaging, animation, 3D modelling, and web design, and describe their social and economic effects.

You are to complete at least 2 of the 3 above described areas for your end task (For Example, photography and other media).

End task is due Thursday, June 7, 2018.

Monday, April 30, 2018 –

Public information campaign

Public information campaigns are a way to that deliberately attempt to shape public attitudes, values, or behavior in the hope of reaching some desirable social outcome.

Examples of public information campaigns include –

-Don’t litter

-Non smoking messages

-Don’t be racist

-Don’t be mean

-Spay and Neuter – control the pet population.

You are to create a public information campaign that sends a message which would be appropriate for a public information campaign.  Your campaign should include the following :

A video (or multiple videos)

A Poster

A Podcast

A presence on your website.

You will push your editing capabilities with the video you create, and attempt some new techniques.  We will have at least this week to work on this assignment.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018 –

By the end of this lesson, students will identify career opportunities in communications technology and describe the qualifications needed for entry into these positions.

Students are to research possible careers related directly to communications technology, as well as, if necessary, careers where the skills used in communications technology can be readily applied.

Using internet resources, research communications careers and specifically find the following information :

Career name and description

Education required for this Career

Location of this career (would you have to move?)

History of this career – How long has it existed?

Salary range

Job prospects – are there a lot of jobs in this field?


Research this information and begin to prepare an informational poster that includes all of the information listed above. To create the poster, you may use Adobe Indesign, Google Docs, Pages on the iMac, Powerpoint, or any other publishing program you wish.  Poster should be aesthetically pleasing and show obvious evidence of “finishing touches”

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 –

Website Parameters – At this point, you should have chosen which platform you will build your website on.  In terms of content, here is an outline of what is expected on the site :

-An About page

-A page that describes your personal favourite subject

-A page that describes an interest outside of school

-A page that describes something you like about Dryden (or another city if you wish)

-A page that serves as your digital portfolio – showcasing your photo and video work

-A page whose topic/ subject lends itself to weekly updates.

Customization should be evident throughout the site, and there should be no “place holder” text remaining, when the website is complete.

Monday, April 16, 2018 –

Website Options.

Today, you are starting to look at examples of websites you may wish to develop in this course.  The main options for developing a site are :




Google Sites


Today, you are to explore these different website platforms, and begin to decide which one you would want to develop your own website for.  If you already have a personal website, you may choose to continue building that site using time in this course.

By the end of today, you should have explored the different platforms, as well as different websites, to start developing ideas of what you would want to put on your own website.


Wednesday, April 11, 2018 –

How to publish your podcast to an RSS feed


Monday, April 9, 2018 –

Podcast completion

Podcast completion phase 1 – Podcast is recorded, edited, completed.

Podcast completion phase 2 – Podcast is published to an RSS feed or iTunes


Tuesday, April 3, 2018 –

History of Audio Recording –

How do we record sound digitally?

What are standard audio recording formats?

Wikipedia article, Audio file formats – Article

Wikipedia Podcasting article – Article

History of Radio – Article

An audio podcast can take on just about any topic or format.  Today, we will take time to search and research what podcasts are available.

Ultimately, by the end of this week, you will be recording an audio podcast using online software such as the Trycast website, or on a computer using audacity or garage band.

Monday, March 26, 2018 –

Using clips from other media in your production

Using the website clipconverter , you can pull a clip from any youtube video available online.  This could be useful to add footage to a dream sequence, or to add background footage in a green screen sequence.

Using the ytmp3 converter, you can pull audio from any youtube video, if you want to add background music to your video, for example.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 –

Television Pilots and Intros

Today, we will begin looking at Television Pilots and Intros.  Today will largely be idea gathering.

Think of the questions –

If you were to create a television show, what would it look like?  What would it be about?

You may use the following searches to get you started –

How to create a TV pilot

How to create a TV intro

Today will be largely idea generation, however we will be continuing on with this idea.

By the end of today, you should have some ideas of what you would create for a short (less than 5 minutes) television show pilot, as well as a TV intro.


Monday, March 19, 2018 –

Welcome back from March Break.

Today, you are to search for 1 communications technology related story that has happened in the past week while we were gone.

You are to decide what is appropriate and also what is relevant to you in terms of a communications technology related story.

Email a link to the story, along with a 50 word response to

When complete, you are to organize and personalize your flickr account and your youtube account.

Monday, March 5, 2018 –

Today, we will be looking at some basic shots in film making, and also some shots you can do with zero gear.

Your task for today is to take some shots to create a short video which delivers a simple positive message to others – For example :

  • Don’t Bully
  • Don’t Litter
  • Look out for your friends
  • Sharing is nice

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 –

Today, we will be looking at 8 essential cuts in video.

Your first video assignment will be to create a video in which you utilize at least 2 of these cuts.  The video is to be maximum of 30 seconds, and should be able to be filmed within the school or just outside the school.

Monday, February 26, 2018 –

Youtube, Introduction to video

By the end of today, students will have created their youtube account, performed basic customizations on their account, and some will have uploaded a video to youtube.


Digital video is an area of communications technology that has definitely grown in the last 20 years.  Would the first creators of digital video cameras ever have imagined that people would be making money by sharing their videos through youtube monetization?

As is the case with many things, the sharing of videos online is something that is continually changing and evolving.  The basics of creating a video, however, have not changed drastically.  Good lighting, a steady camera, good audio, and creative angles will all contribute towards a good finished product video.

By the end of today, Students are to have created their youtube account, done some basic customizations to their account, and send the link to their youtube account to

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 –

Multiplicity,  Reflection and reflection.

Today, we will get started on our second assignment.  This assignment will consist of you creating a finished multiplicity composure, and a photo where you display light reflecting.  At the end of this, you will write a 50 word reflection.

I will instruct you on multiplicity and reflection.  The instructions for the multiplicity photo are below.  1st deadline – Thursday, February 22.


Web Link –

February 14, 2018 – Light Painting

By the end of this assignment, students will produce :

A poster at least 11×17 in size that has the following on it :

  1. A light painting photo which the student has created using the light painting technique instructed in class.
  2. A caption and description of how you were able to compose the light painting photo
  3. A photo you have found, using a google image search, which displays long exposure photography.
  4. A caption for the photo you found online, including the photographer’s name (if available), and a description of subject and/or location.
  5. After you have placed 2 photos and added the appropriate captions for them, please include an answer to the following question : How has this assignment allowed you to learn that the camera is a tool for capturing light?

February 9, 2018 –

By the end of today, students should have an album of their own photos uploaded to flickr.


February 7, 2018 – Live Streaming

Today we will be introduced to live streaming.

By the end of today, you will have a demonstration of the school’s streaming equipment.

Following this, you will seek out a live stream on line that is something you will want to follow throughout the semester.

You can start by searching either google or youtube for “live streams” – you may be surprised at how many you find!

When you find a live stream you are interested in, please email to

February 6, 2018 –

Reflecting on communications technology

Today, you will:

  1. Seek out an article dealing with communications technology and the law.  Find an instance where people’s use of communications technology has gotten them in legal trouble, or has helped protect them from illegal events.  Be sure to consider the source, and try a google “news” search.
  2. Visit the website flickr – Under the “explore” tab, click on “commons.”  Explore the commons, and tag at least one photo, as they describe.  What is the goal of the flickr commons?

Reflect on both these activities, finding an article, and the flickr commons, in an email to Mr. Darling –    Be sure to describe what the conclusion of the legal article is, as well as what your impressions of the flickr commons is.

When complete, you may continue exploring with the image editing software available to you.

February 5, 2018 –

Photography and the law.

As we begin our study of photography, it is important to understand exactly all of the facets of society that are affected by photography.  One of them is, of course, the law.

Browse the following websites and see what they describe in terms of balancing photography and the law.

Photographers without borders – Code of ethics

Code of conduct

Canadian photographers rights

After reviewing the above websites, talk to your classmates and come up with a list of the 5 most important guidelines that you feel apply in terms of being a photography student here at Dryden High School.  Once you have compiled your list, you are to send it to (you may submit as a group, just ensure all group members are listed in the email).

When you have completed this, continue to browse the flickr website and search out inspirational and interesting photographs.


February 2, 2018 –

By the end of the day today, students are to :

Print a photo, where credit has been given to the photographer.  Your photo must be of high quality (no pixels showing in printout), and should be a photo that you are quite fond of.

Photo may be laid out in a desktop publishing program with text added, or text may be added using adobe photoshop, or any other desktop publishing software.  You may write your own name on the back.

Follow at least 2 classmates on flickr

Favourite at least 5 photos on flickr


February 1, 2018 -February 1, 2018 –

Today we are starting to look at image editing software.  Within this lab, there are different options for editing images, depending on which computer you are working at.
Today, start by downloading 5 images from the internet, using a google image search, or by finding images on flickr.

Open an image editing software program (adobe photoshop for example, but you may also use the photo editor in Apple iOS or the one built in to flickr.)

By the end of today, you will have 5 edited photos posted to your flickr account, and your 5 original copies.  These edits must show evidence of :

Brightness/Contrast adjustment
Addition of Text
Addition of other picture elements (painting, cutting and pasting another aspect on to the photo)

January 31, 2018 –

Today is a snow day.  Continue digging deeper into the website flickr by searching for photos of events, people or places that are of interest to you.

By the end of today, you should follow at least 2 new photographers, and “favourite” at least 2 photos.

January 30, 2018 –

In the world of today’s communications, it is necessary to understand that there are many different file formats that we encounter.  There are 2 things that are very important to understand in terms of image quality, these are : File Size and Resolution.

Image File Formats

File Size and resolution

Search google for the following images, and make mental notes of what each photo looks like.  For each photo, make note of the image size in pixels and the image size in megabytes.

Photo with slow shutter

Photo with fast shutter

Photo with small aperture

Photo with large aperture

Panning photo

Light painting photo

Multiplicity photo

Next, visit the camera simulator website, and use the simulator to create different images.  Visit the Canon version of the same tool.

Finally, Visit and create an account if you do not already have one.  Add me as a contact on flickr so that we can be connected.

Flickr is just one photo sharing community on the internet.  Search Picasa, Smugmug, and any other photo sharing situation.


January 29, 2018 –

Today, we will get started by building classroom community.

Your first task for this course is to send an email to the teacher, Mr. Darling, at

In this email, please copy and paste the following questions, and then answer to the best of your ability.


  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your comfort level with working with technology?  Elaborate, if necessary


2. On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your comfort level with learning new technology?


3. Do you publish videos, photos, songs or writing on the internet at this point?  If yes, do you wish to share your youtube account/ instagram account/ website at this point?


4. What is one major goal you have in taking this course?


Copy and paste these questions, and answer in an email to