TGJ 2O0 – February 2019

March 21, 2019 – Photography A-Z at Dryden High School.

Today, we will be continuing to build our skills with photography.  Your task is to use the classroom cameras to capture the letters A-Z throughout the school and in the area close to the school. (Don’t wander too far!)

Capture the letters A-Z in photographs, and then save the photos to you Z: drive, or to you flickr account, or in your own directory, if you are not on a networked machine.

Using adobe indesign, lay out your letters from A-Z in a visually appealing fashion on tabloid sized paper, with the title “Photography A-Z.”  You may wish to make each letter the same size, or at least the same height, to make your finished product look appealing.

Be creative!  Have fun with this!  Make sure you save your work often when you are laying your letters out in indesign, as you will have a lot of files you are working with.

March 18, 2019 – Welcome back!

Today, students will have time to make some last changes to the light painting and multiplicity assignments from before the break.

Students who are completely caught up, may begin building their photographic portfolio, and start thinking about a long term photographic project.  This project may encompass many different things, including the passage of time.

March 7 & 8, 2019 – If you are completely finished all assigned work, you are to seek out at least 1 story online, relating to communications technology, which you will share when we get back from the break.

March 5, 2019 – Multiplicity Assignment.

  1. Take 3 or more photos in a tripod without moving the tripod at all.

2. In Photoshop, Edit –>Scripts–>Load files into stack

3. Choose the first layer in the photoshop document, on this layer, create a layer mask.

4. Choose your foreground colour as black and paint over the image of the person.

5. Press Ctrl+I to inverse the image

6. repeat steps 3- 5 until you have completed the image.

7. Save as a .psd and a .jpg file.

February 28, 2019 –

For this assignment, you will create 2 works on 11×17 inch (tabloid) sized paper.

1 – Your favourite light painting photo after your experimentation through trial and error.  The photo should take up the entire paper, with a 1/2 inch margin.  You will identify your work by using a watermark on the photo, added in Photoshop.

2 – A layout of your own choosing showing how you created your light painting.  This layout should include a photo of you in the process of light painting, and the relevant steps you have taken to produce a light painting photo.  Level 4 assignments will include an example of “high end” light painting, and a list of other examples of light painting.  You are free to use any design style you wish.


February 26, 2019 – Introduction to photography.

Today, you will perform a couple of activities to get ready for photography.

First, create an account at  When you have created this, you may follow me, Paul Darling.  here is a link to my profile –


Second, explore the following websites – they are camera simulators.  You will want to adjust shutter speed, aperature size, and ISO on these simulators, and try to draw conclusions of what these controls do to photographs.


Canon Camera simulator

List of 10 different camera simulators (you may wish to check them all out)


Third, explore through the following portfolios –

25 best portfolios


Last, send me an email describing your level of experience using Digital SLR cameras.  Do you own one?  Have you ever used one?.  Also, in the email, describe one technique you would really like to learn with the SLR cameras.

Send the email to

When you are complete, you will have free time to continue advancing your skills with Adobe Indesign and Photoshop.


February 20, 2019 – Indesign continued

By the end of today, students will create a motivational poster (must be positive), and a logo involving typing on a path.

Both of these pieces must be printed out using the classroom printer.


February 19, 2019 – Introduction to Adobe Indesign

By the end of today, students will : Print out a polished work with Adobe Indesign

Your polished work should include :

A background image

Text with Stroke

A well-thought out margin.

February 14, 2019 –

Valentines Day –

Students are to use Adobe Photoshop to create 2 Valentines cards – 1 that is made from a blank canvas, and one that is created with a background image.  Your valentines cards should be at least 1000 pixels wide, so that we may print them out.

Using all of your knowledge thus far, including selection tools, gradient tools, blending layers, adding effects to text, writing on a path, and filters, create 2 valentines cards using Adobe Photoshop.

Your cards should be better than the obama example below (although you may steal the joke).  You may use the card popularized by the simpsons for inspiration as well.

When you have completed your cards, you are to save them as .jpg files, and email to


February 13, 2019 –

Today we will work with blending photos together.

A good resource for this is the DHS flickr account.

By the end of today, you should have attempted multiple blends of photos.

February 11, 2019 –

Today, get your photo from Mr. Darling’s flickr account.

You are to edit this photo in photoshop, at very minimum you should transfer yourself to a new background, add a filter, and add some text.


Friday, February 8 –

**Block D students are to complete the email listed below, scroll down.

Students today are to open Adobe Photoshop at the beginning of class and continue to explore with it.  Your exploration should include :

  1. Selecting an item from 1 photo and moving it to a new photo.  Remember to use ctrl + t to free transform the moved item.

2. Writing along a path – Yesterday, you learned writing along a path to create a circular logo, today try to continue that while using other shapes.  Try to create a triangular logo or an octagonal logo with writing – what looks best?


If you have any work you would like to share from part 1 or 2, please save it as a .jpg and email to


Hi!  Welcome to Communications Technology.

**Block D students complete this on Friday, February 8.

Your first task is to send me an email to


In this email, please include the following information :

How often you use email?

Do you use Social media?

What do you feel you consume more of, Television, Youtube or other (short phone videos)


You may make the subject of the email as “first email”