TGJ 2O – Fall 2019

November 18, 2019 –

Working towards independence with communications –

Today, you will start, independently or in a small group, working towards your individual polished, finished work.  The work you start today will follow the mindset of “Other people matter” – so we will be working on videos, photos, or graphic works which will emphasize character traits and character lessons, such as :




Being present and giving others my attention





Knowing my actions and words affect others








Supporting others when they struggle




Cheering other’s successes

Social intelligence

Love of learning


You will take one of these character traits and create one media work mostly individually, and one as a member of a group, over the next 2 weeks. Mr. Darling will be tracking your progress. I will list some suggestions of what media works you may create :


Stop motion video

“Vlogging” style video (polished, with titles and audio)

A dramatic or situational comedy (1-3 minutes) which communicate a trait

Recording a friend’s talent (guitar, singing, comedy)

Documentary style video about a really great individual


A series of 5 posters describing/ illustrating 5 different character traits

An edited composite photo which illustrates a character trait

Interview 5 people on the subject of a character trait

Graphic design

Create 3 logos which communicate a character trait

greate a website which communicates positive character traits.


Record 3 audio recordings which illustrates a character trait.

Please attempt to complete one of these tasks individually, and one as a member of a group, over the next 2 weeks.  Mr. Darling will track your progress.   (Due: Nov. 29)

November 11, 2019 –

Consumer electronics review 2019

Consumer electronics and communications go hand in hand.

Today, you will start researching communications devices that are currently on the market, with the ultimate goal of picking two items and comparing them head to head. Ultimately, you will compare 3 and items and choose which one is the best.

In terms of comparisons, you should choose at least 8 criteria to compare these items by, including :



Weight/ Dimensions



Level of expertise

Battery life

Outputs/ Storage devices

In addition, please include the retailer you have found the item at.

Your finished product will communicate all of the above criteria, include photos of the products, and include your choice.  In addition, you must include 1 or 2 sentances describing something you learned or an “A-Ha” moment you encountered during this assignment.


November 4, 2019 –

Grade 10 Comm Tech

Assignment – November 4, 2019


  • Light painting procedure –

For this assignment, you are to prepare 1 finished product light painting.  The photos must be printed on minimum 8.5 x 11 paper, for display in the hallway.

I am not interested in the very first photos you take. As a grade 10 student, I am expecting that you take the time to produce multiple photos and create a finished product that you are happy with.

The expectations for this assignment are as follows :

Create a flickr album with at least 3 light painting attempts.  A short description of each photo, including what you wish to improve, should be included as the description.

Print one of your photos, you may perform edits to it if you wish.

With your light painting attempt, Please include a 5-10 step instruction on “how to light paint” so that another individual may do the same.  Also include other situations where this technique could be applied to create a photo.

All printed finished products must include your name.

  • Communication “Did you know” reflection –

Using a comm tech medium (photography, video, or audio) – attempt to create a “Did you know” informative piece regarding communications in 2019.  Specifically, you may choose a news article related to an app, you may describe a specific experience you have had or have witnessed, or a topic Mr. Darling provides.

Through the analysis and reflection, be sure to comment on the relationship between your subject and yourself, and your subject and all people in Canada.

October 22, 2019 – Narrated video

Today, you will start with the production of a video that is narrated.


September 25, 2019 – Intro to Video

Video safety – Article

Sarah Jones – Article

Essential Video techniques – Link


B-Roll Footage – Wiki

Mr. Darling’s Youtube channel – Here


Your task for today is to capture some video using at least 3 of the different techniques listed above under essential video techniques.

September 11, 2019 –

Today, students will print their first photos off. The grade 10 students are asked to produce the following :

(1) Produce one unedited photo, printed off using Adobe Indesign, and printed on 11×17 paper.
(2) Produce one photo with moderate to heavy edits – may take a fresh green screen photo if needed. When you have completed your edits, save the file as a .jpg, and print using adobe indesign.

When students are complete, they are to ensure their photos are organized into albums on their flickr account.

Students are also to : Customize their flickr account byb changing the profile picture and the banner image on the main page.

September 10, 2019 –

By the end of today, you will :

  • Hear lesson on rule of thirds
  • Take photos on a photo walk
  • Upload these photos to your flickr account, Photos are organized in a folder.
  • Add a classmate as a contact on flickr.


September 6, 2019 –

By the end of today, you will :

Perform a photo edit which blends two photos together.

Perform a photo edit which involves creative use of 1 or more filter.

Perform a photo edit which involved a text layer, and layer effects applied to the text layer.

Upload your finished work to an album on flickr named “September work”


September 5, 2019 –

Hi!  Welcome to Communications Technology.

Today, you will do the following :

Create a flickr account (or re-access your existing account)

Retrieve a photo from flickr.

Perform basic edits on the photo.

Upload the photo to your flickr account.

You may attempt to edit other photos.

When complete, you are to :

Send me an email to


In this email, please include the following information :

How often you use email?

Do you use Social media?

What do you feel you consume more of, Television, Youtube or other (short phone videos)


You may make the subject of the email as “first email”