TEJ 1O0 – February 2020

February 20, 2020 –

Today as part of our broader study of computer technology, we look at Larry Tesler, the computer scientist who invented “cut, copy and paste”

BBC article

Cut, Copy, Paste wiki article

Larry Tesler wikipedia article


Unfortunately the creator of cut, copy, paste has passed away recently, but with this, we have the opportunity to reflect upon our own actions with computers, as Larry Tesler, some may say, is famous for making computers more accessible to users.

Reflect on your own interactions with computers and respond the the following two points :

  1. Do  you use the cut, copy and paste commands often?  Do you use the shortcuts of CTRL-X, CTRL-C and CTRL-V, or do you right click?  Did you ever consider that it was a single person’s idea to invent this?


2. Think of your own interactions with computers.  Can you describe a change in technology that has made it become much more accessible to you? (for example – Siri)


Respond to these questions and send to p.darling@k12.kpdsb.ca



February 11, 2020 – Introduction to electrical theory.

Today, we will continue with electronic theory.

You will do exploratory work with the following simulator :

Circuit construction kit :DC

After you have constructed at least 3 different circuits, you are to write definitions for the following :







February 10, 2020 – Introduction to computer systems

Today, we will cover a very basic introduction to computer systems.

Visit the following website –  How computers work


WHen done, reflect upon the continuing advancements in technology in basic computer systems.

February 7, 2020 –

My Computer Technology Autobiography.

Today, we will combine the two activites we have done so far in order to create a self-profile of our computer technology interactions.

Your self profile must include the following :

At least 2 events from the timeline of computer technology

At least 7 events that are specific to you.

In addition, you must complete the following :

Every day, I spend about this much time interacting with computer technology :

My favourite thing to do with computer technology is :

The best thing I have ever seen a computer do is :


In addition, please include at least 3 photos.


You are to complete your work as a google doc, and send or share to paul.darling@k12.kpdsb.ca


February 6, 2020 –

Visit the website – Timeline of computer technology.

You are to read through the timeline and choose 3 times/events or advancements that have affected you personally.

Comment on the three events in an email and send to paul.darling@k12.kpdsb.ca


February 4, 2020 –

Establishing electronic communication –


Your task for today is to answer the following questions in an email and send to : paul.darling@k12.kpdsb.ca

Assessing my use of computer technology :

  1. Starting on Sunday, walk yourself through the week and make note of every situation where you interact with computer technology.  After you have completed your list, make note of any instances that may surprise you.

2. Is there a use of computer technology that you engage in often?  Describe, in your own words, this interaction.


3. Count the hours you spend interacting with computer technology in a day.  Periods of time where you are responding to your phone should be considered to be times of use.  Compare this to how many times a day you are awake, and calculate a percentage (Divide hours engaged/ hours awake).


4. Do you feel that the societal impacts of computing technology are typically positive, negative, or is it a matter of perspective?


Send your email to paul.darling@k12.kpdsb.ca


When complete, you may use the lab computers.  Mr. Darling may ask you what you are doing, you won’t be in trouble.