Block A, S2 – TGJ 2O0

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 –

Today, you will begin looking at the different components of the End Task –

Photography –

So far this semester, you have been able to explore the use of the digital SLR camera, in addition to your exisiting photography experience.  You will create a photographic masterpiece as part of your end task.


Video – So far this semester, you have created a youtube channel, and created short video projects recorded using various devices.  You will create a masterpiece in video by the end of this end task.


Other media – In the fast-changing world of communications technology, the number of options for alternative media are many.  Use the following prompts and use a communications technology based approach to describe an aspect of communications technology you are interested in –

  • Describe industry hazards and methods for preventing accidents
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and apply safe work habits when using equipment
  • Describe health risks associated with the use of photographic, imaging, and computer equipment, and identify ways of avoiding them.
  • Identify career opportunities in photography, digital imaging, animation, 3D modelling, and/or web design, and describe the qualifications and skills need for entry into these occupations
  • Identify programs and groups that are available to support students who are interceded in pursuing non-traditional career choices in communications technology.
  • Identify legal and ethical issues related to communications media production
  • Demonstrate an understanding of social standards and cultural sensitivity, and use appropriate and inclusive content, images and language in communications media productions.
  • Describe effects current photographic, digital imaging, animation, 3D modelling and web design technologies have on the environment.
  • Describe ways in which environmental problems are being or can be addressed by communications technologies.
  • Identify recent innovations in photography, digital imaging, animation, 3D modelling, and web design, and describe their social and economic effects.

Monday, May 1 – 2017 –

End Task Introduction –

Your End Task will consist of 3 components  – Photography, Video, and other media

Today, you will begin looking at the photography component of the End Task – Is there a specific photographic project you would like to attempt as your photography end task?

Monday, April 24, 2017 –

Adobe Indesign and print publishing

Intro to Adobe Indesign

How to design a poster in Indesign CS3

10 tips for perfect poster design

Today, we will be revisiting poster design using Adobe Indesign CS3.  This program is available on all computers, and is a powerful tool for designing sharp posters.

After todays tutorial, you are to begin designing up to 2 posters –

  1. A poster describing a short cut or handy trick for using a desk top computer, or for using an iphone, gopro, android device, any type of technology
  2. A poster describing a tip for a beginner digital photography.  This may be a fun one, as you will be able to use photos from your own portfolio.

When designing your poster, keep in mind the following :

-CTRL + D to drop an image on to your canvas.

-We have access to over 1000 fonts, consider using only 3.

-All images used in posters should be of highest possible quality.

-Keep in mind the 10 tips for perfect poster design.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 –

Today, we will continue with our website assignment.

100 Creative Ideas (not all are available)

Have a look at the above link and add to the list of ideas you already have in terms of content for your website.

From here, Have a look at

Best Design Practices  (written for wordpress, applicable to all projects.)

Design fails that will ruin your website

Student Website project TGJ 3O/ 4O

  1. Choose one of the four website platforms you have familiarized yourself with over the last week – Google sites, Wix, WordPress or Blogger. (or tumblr)
  2. You may either create a new website or continue with one you have already started. When naming the website, as well as picking the URL for the site, keep in mind that a good website name should be easy to remember, and easy to identify.
  3. The front page of your website should be welcoming, and make sense to the viewer as they see it. By the end of the week, the front page should have at least 3 posts on it.  The first post you will write today, and it will cover the following :
  • Explain why you chose the name for the website you did,
  • Explain why you chose the platform that you did,
  • explain what you plan to put on the website.
  1. You are to create at least 4 distinct pages within your website – 6 pages that are navigated to beyond the front page.
  2. 1 page should be your about page – you may keep this brief as you like, and you may be humourous if you wish.  The about page is often a place for the site’s builder to show some personality.
  3. 1 of these pages must feature your own content, relative to something that is of interest to you, or something that would be convenient for you to make an informative page about (photos with captions or writing)
  4. 1 page must feature embedded content from your youtube and flickr accounts.  In addition, try to embed a document or calendar from your Google account.
  5. 1 page must be a promotion of something you like about Dryden – for example your favourite restaurant, the skate park, the gym, Wabigoon lake, the Dryden Ice Dogs Jr. A hockey club, something specific about Dryden. You may use a school in Dryden even – Open Roads, St. Josephs, New Prospect, Lillian Berg, True North Academy, Ecole Catholique le L’Enfant Jesus.  If you wish to use a different geographic location, you may.  You will be able to get original, authentic photos in Dryden.
  6. 1 page where you try something exciting with the website.  For example, set up a web cam or create an elaborate viewer questionairre or create a guest book.
  7. Content from the remaining page will be combined from other sources on the internet (wikipedia, personal websites, the weather network for example.)  When taking content from elsewhere on the internet, you must reference the source.  It is your website, so you may do almost anything you want!

Overall, the finished product website must look polished.  There should be no place on the site where there is place holder text.

Themes, header images, fonts and colours should be thought out and aesthetically pleasing.  High resolution images should be used,

At the end of this assignment, you will be completing a reflection where you describe the decisions you made, and how you feel about the finished product.

Monday, April 10, 2017 –

Today we will be looking critically at websites –

Most popular websites in the world

You will ultimately be creating your own website by the end of this assignment, so you are to look critically at the following 4 platforms –

Google Sites




By the end of today or tomorrow, you should have attempted to create or familiarized yourself with each of these three platforms, and be able to rank them from 1-4 in terms of which platform you wish to use.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 –

7 things

Audio editors

Monday, March 27, 2017 –

Focus on podcasting –

History of Audio Recording –

How do we record sound digitally?

What are standard audio recording formats?

Wikipedia article, Audio file formats – Article

Wikipedia Podcasting article – Article

History of Radio – Article

An audio podcast can take on just about any topic or format.  Today, we will take time to search and research what podcasts are available.

Ultimately, by the end of this week, you will be recording an audio podcast using online software such as the Trycast website, or on a computer using audacity or garage band.


Monday, March 20, 2017 –

Focus on Youtube.

Please complete the following three tasks :

  1.  Extend your usage of youtube.  You are to Create a playlist, Subscribe to at least 10 youtubers, comment on a video.  Reflect on the experience in your culminating piece.
  2. Teach yourself a skill from a youtube video – Spend at least 30 minutes trying to teach yourself a skill from youtube – A card trick, a new song on guitar, or how to spin a ball on your finger, for example.  Reflect on the experience in a culminating piece.  ***Alternately, if you have a unique skill you’d like to share, you may make a polished video of you sharing the skill.
  3. Using a google news search, find at least 1 legal issue which has arisen from the use of youtube.  Obtain a copy of this news article for your own records, saved as a PDF on your Z: drive.  Reflect on this article in your culminating piece.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 –

Photoshop continued.

By the end of today, you should have your three images from Monday, plus try to upload a photo where you have used the :

  1. Clone Stamp Tool
  2. A simple clipping mask

Monday, March 6, 2017 –

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign – Digging a little deeper.

Today, we will be looking at Adobe Photoshop and Indesign.  By the end of this assignment, you are to post 3 finished .jpgs to your flickr account.

1 – Making selections in photoshop – See Here – You are to create a new photo, where you have selected at least 4 other objects and placed them on a new photo.  Try to create a central theme in your selecting – for example, selecting 4 different hockey players and having them all on the same rink.

2. Creatively using filters in photoshop – See here – You are to create a new photo, where you have applied a filter.  Experiment with different photos and different filters.

3. Creating a watermark in photoshop – See here – You are to create a watermark, and post one photo with the watermark on it.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017 –

Multiplicity, Light Painting, Reflection and reflection.

Today, we will get started on our first assignment.  This assignment will consist of you creating a finished piece of light painting, a finished multiplicity composure, and a photo where you display light reflecting.  At the end of this, you will write a 50 word reflection.

I will instruct you on light painting and reflection.  The instructions for the multiplicity photo are below.  1st deadline – Monday, February 13.


Web Link –

Thursday, February 2, 2017 –

Search google images, and find images that are 100 pixels wide, 500 pixels wide, 1000 pixels wide, 4000 pixels wide.

Save these photos to your Z: drive in a new folder, titled “internet photos”

Open these photos in Adobe Photoshop.

crop each photo to 2000 pixels x 2000 pixels, using fixed target size.

Make observations of how the quality of the photos is affected when re-sizing photos.


Tuesday, January 31, 2017 –

Search google for the following images, and make mental notes of what each photo looks like :

Photo with slow shutter

Photo with fast shutter

Photo with small aperture

Photo with large aperture

Panning photo

Light painting photo

Multiplicity photo

Next, visit the camera simulator website, and use the simulator to create different images.  Visit the Canon version of the same tool.

Finally, Visit and create an account if you do not already have one.

January 30, 2017 – Write an email to me at

In this email, please include copy and paste the following :

Name :

Number of communications devices available to you :

Communications device you prefer the most :