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January 6, 2016 –

Today, as part of your end task, you will do some career exploring in communications technology.

  1. Choose a career in communications technology that interests you. This could stretch a number of areas, including radio/television broadcasting, print journalism, photographer, communications director.
  2. For this career, determine the following :  education required for this job, career prospects (is this job in demand?), would you need to move away from Dryden in order to work this job?
  3. What is the nature of this job?  Would you be working for someone else, would you be starting your own business?  In addition to education, would there be a capital cost (buying equipment) related to this job.
  4. Communications technology is often described as a course that, while it may not lead directly into a job in the field, teaches you skills that are applicable to many other professions.  Suggest two professions where communications technology skills would be useful, and suggest how they would be useful.

January 5, 2016 –

Today you will start your end task by reflecting on 5 of your favourite or most interesting photos. This reflection should touch on the following :
Composition of the photo
Your own thoughts on the photo
Feedback you have received on the photo.
These reflections are not due today and after you have worked on at least 2, you may take a camera to continue building your photo portfolio – especially with snowy photos.

December 8, 2015 –

Today, you will continue to work on your “My Dryden High” video project.

Remember, we will be wrapping this up on Friday, so you should have video captured, and be well in to the editing process by the end of the day Thursday.

Remember, this is a video documenting your experience within the school.  As a refresher, it is to be :

  • 30 – 60 seconds long
  • have at least 4 different takes, with transitions
  • incorporate some additional music.

November 24, 2015 –

In addition to finishing your composite photo, here are some additional responsibilities –

  1. Take 2 (or more) of your best photos that have not been printed and put in the hallways yet.  Using photoshop, add your water mark in a subtle fashion to the photo.  Save a copy of the image and then place (ctrl + d) it in an indesign document set at tabloid size.  Export the photo to a USB drive and print it on the classroom colour printer.
  2. Take at least 1 photo you have taken and place your water mark on it.  Save a copy of this photo and attach it in an email to  This photo will now appear during breaks in programming at shaw cable.



November 4, 2015 –

Today you will continue working with Adobe Photoshop, and your task is to create the following and post the images to your flickr account by the end of the day:

2 – Photos you have converted to greyscale  (black and white)

1 – Photo you have adjusted the contrast and brightness on

1 – Photo you have applied a filter to the entire photo on

1 – Photo you have applied a filter to a selection on

3 – Photos you have altered using photoshop using your own methods.

For each of these photos, please post the photo to your flickr account and add a description of the filter you have applied.

September 29, 2015 –

Your task today is to Search on Youtube for high school sports.  Starting Thursday, we will start webcasting our court sports, and you are to search youtube for high school sports, and develop criteria of what you would look for in a high school sports broadcast.

Tomorrow, we will learn about how we will be webcasting.

When completed, students are to continue uploading and editing through their personal flickr portfolios.

September 25, 2015

Finish up yesterdays work first, then –

  • Take control of your inbox.  If you have an email account that constantly gets flooded with spam, junk, and mailing lists that you have signed up for, your task today is to unsubscribe from these services, or otherwise “take control” of your inbox.  You will have to go to your security settings for services such as facebook, twitter and instagram in order to do this.
  • Continue to label, organize and publish your photo portfolio on flickr.  Tag any photos you have of Mr. Darling.

September 24, 2015 –

Today, you are to look at the Flickr 20 under 20.  This is available by going to your flickr account.  On the top menu bar, you will see the option Explore—-> 20 under 20

Click on the 20 under 20 and look at the photo galleries of at least 10 of the photographers.


When complete, fill out the form attached here: Form


When you have completed this, you are to continue organizing and uploading the photos you have taken over the last 3 weeks.


September 18, 2015

Happy homecoming!

Today, you have 3 tasks –

  1.  Change the name of at least 10 of your photos (the name will be img_303, for example) to a word or phrase that describes the photo.
  2. Comment on at least 5 photos taken by your classmates.  Please keep these comments respectful, positive reinforcement to what your classmates have done.
  3. Send an email to Mr. Darling at   In this email, you are to tell Mr. Darling 2 things :  (a)  Are there any photographic techniques you specifically want to learn in the next 3 weeks?  (b)  Are there any locations, that are within walking distance of the school, that you would like to use for a photo walk in the future?

Have a great day!  Go Eagles Go!

September 16, 2015

Today, you are to create an album of your photos on flickr called “described photos”.  In this album, you are to choose at least 3 photos to be in the album.

For each of these photos, you are to add a description, a location, and at least 2 tags on these photos.

When you have completed this, you are to add as many of their classmates as possible as contacts on flickr, so students can start reviewing each others work.

By the end of today, all of your photos should be neatly organized on flickr, including your “described photos” album,  and the folders in your Z drive should be appropriately named.


September 8 – Day 5

Today, you should have a flickr account.  Once you have made this account, please make 2 galleries.  Some of you may have started one of these galleries already, but today is your chance to complete them.  Search these photos out, and then add them to a gallery by scrolling below the photo on the right hand side, where it says “Add to Gallery.”  You may then need to create a new gallery, if you haven’t already. –

Photographic techniques gallery – In this gallery, you will look for photos that display the following :


low angle

high angle

wide angle

dutch angle

fisheye lens


drone photo

gopro photo

Places Gallery –

The milky way

A full moon

The reversing falls

Niagara Falls

The Grand Canyon

The planet Earth

The planet Saturn

The World Trade Center (pre-9-11)

Delorean Car

Katy Perry

Sam Smith

Vermillion Bay

CF-18 fighter jet

The Snow Birds

Sopwith Camel

1971 Opel Car

The Hollywood sign

Machu Pichu

Taj Mahal

Eiffel Tower

2 photos of your own choice, that you consider to be interesting photos.

When you have completed these, you are to begin planning a large scale photographic project for the semester.  This could take any shape or form.


September 3 – Day 3.

Today, we will continue to look at image resolution and begin to create some of our additional online presences.  First, we will start with flickr.  Flickr is an online photo sharing site, and is quite popular.  It has integrated social media type connections within it, and can be used to develop not only your portfolio, but also a network of other like minded photographers.

Today, you are to create a flickr account.  Once you have made this account, please make 2 galleries –

Photographic techniques gallery – In this gallery, you will look for photos that display the following :


low angle

high angle

wide angle

dutch angle

fisheye lens


drone photo

gopro photo


Postcard scenery gallery

For your second album, you are to find 5 images that are high quality (at least 2000 pixels wide), that you would consider to be “postcard quiality.”


September 2 – Day 2.

Your first task is to send me an email to  In this email, please communicate the following :

Your name

Your email address.

Do you use this email regularly?

If there is an email that you use more frequently, please provide it.

What grade do you wish to achieve in communications technology?

Name 1 safety precaution that is necessary for communications technology.

send to


What is a pixel? – link

Image size and resolution.

Image Size – link

Iphone Photo sizes – link


September 1 – Day 1

Today, after we perform our classroom orientation and build some classroom community,