FALL 2018 – Block D – TGJ 3M

December 17, 2018 –

“Communicating Cheer”

Today, we will start using Communications Technology to start spreading holiday cheer within the school and community.

Using the prompts presented to you today, Brainstorm in a group or individually about creating a video or photo arrangement that helps spread the cheerful messages of the holidays.

For instance, a video could be a series of interviews, asking different people what they are looking forward to about Christmas.  A video could also be a dance routine to a popular Christmas song.  Also, popular scenes from Christmas movies may be used.

A photo could be a re-creation of a famous Christmas photo, or you may attempt to make a family christmas photo in front of a christmas tree, either in the school or in the community.  Also, a series of photos of “greatest christmas lights” could be used.

You will see christmas cheer being spread through many different communications technology methods, try to contribute your skill and creativity into making a great product.

November 13, 2018 –

Today, we will start with a creativity project.  Over the next 2 weeks, you are to complete 3 of the following communication technology assignments. Daily check ins will be done to ensure you are progressing effectively. If you have an idea that is not listed here, please feel free to attempt it, just ask your teacher first –


Explore further the controls available on the Canon Cameras in the class, including : White Balance and HDR shooting.

Take a series of photos that you feel documents life in Dryden in 2018

Take a series of photos that follows any theme

Create a mosaic photo by taking individual photos of different pieces

Alter a series of photos using photoshop to follow a theme

Explore a new technique using photoshop

A series of photos used to teach ojibway language or first nations cultural traditions


Create a stop motion video : 10 photos per second minimum

Create a video that explores cell phone culture

Create a video that is entirely you having a conversation with yourself (may play different characters)

Create a video that extensively uses a green screen

Create a video that extensively uses video filters

Using the “Trailers” option of iMovie, create a trailer for a movie, real or imagined.

A video used to teach native language or first nations cultural traditions


Create a podcast or a series of podcasts

Create a library of “DHS sound effects”


Scan a damaged photo and use photoshop tools to preserve it

Scan a collection of family or historical photos and publish them to the web or flickr

Explore an app – Take any app on an iphone or imac, expore and evaluate it.

Geocaching – Planting geocaches

Plan & execute a live stream of a major event

A picture book intended for children – Possible topics include ojibway language, learning your shapes.


You may work on these projects independently or as part of a group.

November 12, 2018 – Reflection day

Today, you will share your video with class – Narrated piece.

Following this, you will reflect with your group members on the film. This is a formal reflection, and will be submitted and posted in class.

Your reflection should include the following :

A screenshot of your video

Concepts you feel you learned or attempted for the first time

Concepts you feel you have mastered

Best practices, moving forward, for your next group work.

This is to be completed using Adobe Indesign – If you need help getting your screenshot into indesign, just ask!

November 5, 2018 – Today, we will start to explore the concept of creating a voice-over narrative video.  Voice over narrations provide a unique video experience, as the producer has the ability to control what the viewer is watching, as well as directing specifically, what the viewer is listening to.

The power of voice over narratives

How to narrate your video

How to add narrations to iMovie

Trainspotting Narrative

Morgan Freeman narrating

Top 10 movie narrations

Great moments in Planet Earth narration

Snoop Dogg narrates Planet Earth

Donald Glover PSA narration 



By the end of today, you will have become familiarized with narrated videos.  This week, we will be working towards creating a narrated video which is helpful towards a social justice cause. Your finished video will benefit individuals and society as a whole who would be helped by a public information campaign.  Topics are to be approved by the teacher.


November 2, 2018 – Today, we will be embarking on a 1 day photo assignment.

By the end of today, you will :

Take a photo and print it on 11×17 paper, including your watermark if you have one.

Those who are looking for a challenge will print 2.

The highest achieving students will attempt a photo with the following settings :

Shutter : 1/250

Aperature : f22

ISO : 100

Flash on

These settings allow you to create a neat “black background” effect.

October 31, 2018 –

It’s Halloween today, so there are 3 options :

  1. Create a short, spooky video, using edits and cuts to convey spookiness
  2. Using photoshop, edit a photo to give it a halloween theme : For instance, blend your face on to a pumpkin
  3. Create a spooky audio recording in a halloween theme.

October 30, 2018 –

Explore the online graphic design software at canva.com  Create an appropriate poster to go along with the video you shared with the class yesterday.

Students who feel Canva is too limiting should try using Adobe Indesign.

You should be able to get a poster printed by the end of the period.

October 16, 2018 –

Assignment :

Your first assignment is to create a 1 minute video using one of the ideas mentioned in class.

Your video is complete when you have submitted 3 things :

  • Storyboard sheet
  • 3 printed screen shots from your video
  • Link to video, posted to youtube


You should start with completing your storyboard sheet.

October 1, 2018 –

Communications Technology is not something that operates in isolation. Therefore, today we will start with our first group assignment.  You will choose a group of up to 4 people to work together with on the following 3 part assignment:

Group Assignment 1 – Photography

a)  _____________ of Dryden.  (bridges, schools, roads, people, sunsets, sunrises etc.)

In your group, decide upon a feature of Dryden which you could make a collage of, using photographs.  You will create a collage that is aesthetically pleasing, and includes a descriptive label for each of the photos shown.  The collage should have a minimum of 5 individual photos of 5 different “things”, and each member of the group should contribute at least 1 photo.  This collage is to be created on a minimum 11×17 sized paper, but may be larger.

b) focal lengths photography assignment – Students are to take 4 photos with 4 different focal lengths – 1 photo must have a focal length of 10mm, 1 photo must have a focal length of greater than 200mm, 1 photo must have a focal length of 50mm, using the fixed lens, and 1 photo must have a focal length of your choice.  Photos are to be layed out on a minimum 11X17 paper, and include a caption for each photo, which includes the focal length used.

c) Photo Editing/Altering/ Retouching portfolio

Using Adobe Photoshop, each member of the group is to Edit 2 photos using Adobe Photoshop. Each member will choose different editing techniques.  Finished product will include the original photograph and the altered photograph, each printed on 8.5 x 11 paper.  A caption will also be included, which details the steps taken and the desired finished product.

c) Group work reflection (done individually)

In this reflection, you are to express a first response to the following points :

  • explain the value of sharing ideas, information, resources, and expertise when working in a group setting.
  • describe techniques that encourage participation by all members of a team (e.g., brainstorming, group discussion, celebration of others’ thought or contributions)

This assignment has a soft deadline of Thursday, October 4.

In addition, we will have our first quiz for this course on Friday, October 5.  This quiz will include vocabulary, diagram labeling, camera function, and safety.

September 27, 2018 –

Multiplicity tutorial – here

September 26, 2018 –

Watermark for photos tutorial – Click Here

Blending photos using photoshop tutorial – Click Here


By the end of today, Students should have created a watermark for their photos, and attempted to blend two photos together using the tutorial above.  THis is a beginning to your work with photoshop

September 25, 2018 –

Today will be our first day working with Adobe Photoshop –

By the end of today, you should be comfortable with –

Making basic adjustments to a photo

Cropping a photo

Using Selection tools

Using Filters

Using Clone stamp tools

September 24, 2018 –

  1. Complete assignment from last week
  2. Organize flickr account into albums, change cover image, change avatar photo, add some custom “About” text.
  3. New Assignment – Mirrors

Mirrors are great yet underappreciated helpers in photography. They provide unique capabilty of looking at things from different angles, at the same time often offering a visually appealing frame.
So let’s take a picture of primary subject mirrored in a, well, mirror. Mirror frame should play a constructive part in your image and hopefully fill the image frame. Try to avoid cliches (like car mirror shots), unless you introduce some brave new idea to it.
Let’s mirror!  Try to use more than 1 mirror if possible.

Once you have completed a mirror shot, you are to print your photo on 8.5 x 11 “letter” sized paper and include a caption.

September 19, 2018

Today, your first focus is to create your light painting photo.  When you have completed it, you are to wait for Thursday as you will receive instruction on printing it out.


Read the following article : https://www.ctvnews.ca/lifestyle/addicted-to-your-phone-apple-google-offer-new-controls-for-you-and-kids-1.4098662


Write a short reflection on how you feel about this article, and the controls on phones. Do you feel this is something that would be helpful to you?   Send your reflection to Mr. Darling at paul.darling@k12.kpdsb.ca

September 17, 2018 – At this point, all students should be comfortable with camera usage, file transfers, and uploading to a cloud based storage (flickr.)

Today, we will start our first technical assignment of the year – Shutter speed.  You will start with light painting.

Light painting is accomplished by setting a camera to a slow shutter speed (5 seconds or more), setting the camera on the tripod, and using a light source in front of the camera. This procedure should be done in darkness, or near darkness.

There are multiple examples of light painting to be found online.  In addition to light painting, you will include your best photo of panning, and a photo of a blurred object with a static (un moving) back ground.  Your finished product will include a minimum of 3 photos.

A rubric will follow, but your assignment will be graded on the following :

Aesthetics of overall project

Technical proficiency – Camera

Technical proficency – Post production (printing)

Artistic effort


A rubric will follow.

September 6, 2018 –  Your first task for this course is to send an email to the teacher, Mr. Darling, at paul.darling@k12.kpdsb.ca In this email, please copy and paste the following questions, and then answer to the best of your ability.

  1.  Do you publish videos, photos, songs or writing on the internet at this point?  If yes, do you wish to share your youtube account/ instagram account/ website at this point?
  2. List three general rules for safety that you feel would apply to the communications technology classroom.

3.  Why is it important to follow guidelines on appropriate content in a high school communications technology classroom?

Camera Safety

List of Selfie deaths

Photographer’s rights

Mr. Darling’s Youtube account

Mr. Darling’s flickr account

Mr. Darling’s website


Copy and paste these questions, and answer in an email to paul.darling@k12.kpdsb.ca