Block A – Grade 10

January 11, 2017 –

Course selection survey


December 1, 2016 – Wrap up of video studies.

By the end of the day tomorrow, you are to submit one of the following :

An email from your group, with a final finished product video you have been working on.  If your video is not complete, you are to send an email describing when you think you will have your project complete.


An email from you, with a link to an online video portfolio.  Describe the process of developing this portfolio and what you feel what your strongest work.


An email from you, explaining triumphs and struggles you have experienced while studying video over the past month.

send email to :

November 7, 2016 – Video.

Today, you will start with your first major video project.  The options for this are many, including reaction videos, montages, and race videos.  Every good video starts with a plan, and planning a video is most often done using a story board.

Click here for Story Board examples.


November 2, 2016 – Mimicing a famous photo

Look at these famous internet viral photos.

Try to mimic one, and then display it using Adobe Indesign, with 5 comparison photos you have found online.


October 24, 2016 – Printing of completed work.

Today, before anything, I would like you to find your multiplicity photo and your ransom note photo and print them out.

Please print your ransom note using adobe indesign.  You will use a letter sized document in portrait orientation.  Please include a byline at the bottom of your photo.  (photo by…)

When you have completed this, you will print your multiplicty photo in landscape orientation on a tabloid sized paper.

Two things to remember with Adobe Indesign –

Ctrl + D is used to place a photo

to print as a PDF, file–>AdobePDF presets –> high quality print.

In addition, I would like you to print up to 2 of your favourite photos, and include a byline.

Please have these printed by the end of the period tuesday.


You are also expected to continue working on your video cuts, please have a 20 second video with at least 3 cuts by the end of the period on Wednesday.

October 17, 2016 – Cuts

Today we will be looking at cuts in video.

Timing and Types of cut

8 essential cuts

Your task is to create a short video, at least 20 seconds in length, which features at least 3 different types of cut.

October 12, 2016 – Video Montage

Today you will continue with your montage of (minimum) 6 different video clips.  Ensure the finished product has :

-Intro Text

-Conclusion Text

-At least 1 transition

-Published to your Youtube account

-Share link to mr. darling’s


October 11, 2016 – Introduction to video

Today, we will be getting started with video by starting with harvesting some videos off of youtube, using the clipconverter website.  When using this site, ensure that you are downloading clips with the highest quality possible.  You will stitch your clips together using the youtube video editor, and ensure you add an introductory title and a conclusion title.

Begin today by searching for youtube videos you would like to edit together, and downloading clips of them if possible.  I would like you to use at least 6 different clips.  These clips may be a montage of your personal favourite youtube moments, or they may be used to try to create a new message using other people’s words.  I am open to discussion about other creative possibilities as well.

Ensure –

Your clips are transferred to your Z: Drive

You delete videos from your “downloads” directory.

October 6, 2016 – Multiplicity


Web Link –

Try to complete 1 multiplicity photo by the end of class on Friday, October 7.  Post to your flickr account.


October 3, 2016 – Hue and Saturation

Hue and Saturation

Adjusting Hue and Saturation

Today, you are to take at least 3 photos of different coloured trees or leaves, or mature fruit.  Ensure that you frame the photograph adequately – Get in close!  When you have completed this, come back to the classroom and try adjusting the hue and saturation on your photos to make the colours really “pop”

It has been relatively still lately and there are many leaves falling.  There will be opportunities to find trees with a blanket of mature leaves underneath them.


September 23, 2016 –

The canvas size for the photoshop assignment should be 2000px x 2000px.

This may be uploaded to your flickr account when completed.

September 21, 2016 –

At this point, everyone should have familiarity with the cameras and be able to take photos, upload photos, and organize your photos on flickr.

Our first assignment will consist of you photographing letters of the alphabet and words to create a composite photo which displays a sentance, phrase or saying.  It may end up looking like a ransom note.

You will take photos with the digital SLR’s, save those photos to your Z: drive, and choose words and letters that you will use.

Open those words and letters in photoshop and create a new document which will display a sentance, phrase or saying.

To start today, you should

A) Think of a sentance, phrase, or saying that uses at least 22 letters of the alphabet.

B) Begin taking photos of words and letters.


September 13, 2016 –

Today you will be introduced to printing your photos out, using the classroom printers.

By the end of the day, you will have printed 2 photos to be placed in the hallways of the school.

The most important aspects to remember are, when resizing the photo, hold down

ctrl + shift to retain correct proportions

ctrl + d to place an image

“Adobe PDF presets –> High quality print”

Save as a PDF on your USB drive.

September 12, 2016 –

Today you are creating a watermark for your photos.

By the end of today, you should upload 1 photo to your flickr account with your watermark on it.

Tutorial here :


September 7, 2016 –

Your portfolio will be assessed over the weekend.  I will give the exact success criteria tomorrow.  It will be based around the following :

Portfolio Assessment – Part 1

-Flickr account is created – became “friends” with teacher Paul Darling

-Photos are organized in to albums

-At least 3 albums created

September 1, 2016

  1. download 5 photos – Save to your Z: Drive
  2. create a new photoshop document 5000 x 5000 pixels, 100 pixels/inch, white background
  3. place the 5 photos you found online, on the new document
  4. Using the text tool, label each image with the dimensions and file size in kilobytes (KB)
  5. Add the title “Image size comparisons”
  6. Save as a .jpg
  7. Upload to your Flickr account.

August 31, 2016

By the end of today, you should have :

-a flickr account and be connected to me as a friend



August 30, 2016

Please complete the following questionnaire –

Introductory Questionnaire

When completed, please send an email to

in this email, please describe :

What is one very photogenic location within walking distance of the school?


How many photos do you think you have taken in your life?


If you have completed all of this, please create an account on and add “Paul Darling” as a contact.


August 30, 2016

Overall Expectations

Grade 10


A1. demonstrate an understanding of the core concepts, techniques, and skills required to produce a range of communications media products and services;

A2. demonstrate an understanding of different types of equipment and software and how they are used to perform a range of communications technology operations and tasks;

A3. demonstrate an understanding of technical terminology, scientific concepts, and mathematical concepts used in communications technology and apply them to the creation of media products;

A4. demonstrate an understanding of and apply the interpersonal and communication skills necessary to work in a team environment.


B1. apply project management techniques to develop communications technology products effectively in a team environment;

B2. apply a design process or other problem-solving processes or strategies to meet a range of challenges in communications technology;

B3. create productions that demonstrate competence in the application of creative and technical skills and incorporate current standards, processes, formats, and technologies.

Technology, Society and the Environment

C1. describe the impact of current communications media technologies and activities on the environment and identify ways of reducing harmful effects;

C2. demonstrate an understanding of the social effects of current communications media technologies and the importance of respecting cultural and societal diversity in the production of media projects.

Professional practice and career opportunities

D1. demonstrate an understanding of and apply safe work practices when performing communications technology tasks;

D2. demonstrate an understanding of and adhere to legal requirements and ethical standards relating to the communications technology industry;

D3. identify careers in communications technology for which postsecondary education is required or advantageous, and describe college and university programs that prepare students for entry into these occupations.